Upload Full Size Photos to Instagram Without Cropping It

Instagram is one of the most popular photo applications in the world. But, many users insist that the automatic cropping of pictures ruins their images and adds to frustration.Today we are going to talk about such apps that helps us to upload full size photo to instagram.
There are many such apps for Android in Google Play.Apps like Square InstaPic - No crop  and  Crop n' Square #Square and many more will be available in play Store.
Here i just want show you how to use the first application which i have been using till today and it has been one of the best app for me to upload photos to instagram.

Square InstaPic - No crop
As you can see, this app is very simple and clean. It even gives you some basic direction on how to upload and manipulate your image to best display it within a square space. The reason for this app is to be able to show an image in Instagram without cropping down to a square. Sometimes an image just doesn’t work as a square, you may need an entire horizontal or vertical shot.
The steps you take in Square InstaPic - No crop are:
 Upload a photo and adjust the border to the full image size so it can cover the full image.
Once you finish proceed to next step where you will find your full size image is ready and you need to click the instagram icon at the the bottom of your screen.This will redirect your full size photo to instagram.
Now you can throw a sexy filter on it and upload it as you would any other picture. Only difference is, your beautifully majestic picture is now fully in view.


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