How to Get subtitles for your favourite movies

This tutorial shows you the detailed steps to add
subtitles to your movie which you already have in your hard disk without subtitle.But you want play it with subtitle.
Subtitles sometimes may be the only way for you to enjoy a movie. They can be helpful if you would like to watch a foreign language movie for instance, but also for other purposes like learning a language or if you are hearing impaired.So here is the simple way you can enjoy your movie at its best.
And now let's go on and follow these steps:
Download Link :
After Installing: From settings set English as language.
Now drag and drop the movie file on to the Auto Search box.

Or Write the movie name in manual search box & click search Subtitle.

     Sublight will automatically search the subtitle files

                After finding subtitle files : Right click on the subtitle files & choose Play.
Now you will be able see  subtitle while playing your movie.


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