How to Take Better Sunset Photos from Your DSLR Camera

Today i would like to share a simple but effective tip which can improve your photography skill.Its about taking a beautiful sunset photo from your camera.

The colours during sunrise and sunset can look spectacular with our eyes, but prove surprisingly tricky to capture with your camera. Often the result looks washed-out and faded.The below photo was taken with my Sony alpha a300 camera’s automatic settings and the result is a washed-out image which bears little resemblance to the view I saw in person.
The tutorial below, I’ll explain how to make the photo better and at the bottom of the page you’ll find the result of these tutorial.
 1: Switch your camera to Program mode by turning the mode dial to ‘P’.
 2: Press the exposure compensation button. This is normally labelled with a plus and minus symbol as below – check your manual for details.
3: Set the compensation to a negative value to deliberately underexpose the shot – a setting of -1 is a good starting point. Some DSLRs require that the compensation button be held as you make this adjustment.
4: If the result is still too bright, choose a bigger number, like -1.5 or even -2. If the result is too dark, choose a smaller number like -0.5 or -0.3.
Here is the result of mine after underexposed the photo using the camera’s ‘exposure compensation’ settings.

5: After taking your photo, set the compensation back to zero or all your photos will be darker than normal. Finally if desired, set the mode dial back to Auto.

If you’d also like to include a person in front of the sunrise or sunset, just popup your built-in flash to illuminate them. If the person is too dark, either increase your flash compensation setting (see your manual) or move a little closer to them. Alternatively, use an external flashgun for more power.


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