Set Up Your Website or Blog with Facebook Insights for Domains

How to Add Facebook Insights to your Website

In this article, I’ll show you how to access Facebook Insights for Domains to learn how people are interacting with your website’s or blog’s content.
Once you have added Facebook Social Plugins to your website, such as the Like Button or Comments Box, you’ll want to know how users are interacting with these Social Plugins.This steps not only for blogger but also other web sites.

Click on the button named "Insights for your Website". 
A light box window will appear. Enter your domain name and make sure you link it with "You". Look at the picture below.
Copy the meta tag given in light box window. It will be something like this :

<meta property="fb:admins" content="639069331" />

Login to your Blogger account and go to "Edit HTML" of your blog. Now add the meta tag you have copied just below the <head> tag.
Save your template.
Now click on "Get Insights" button in light box window. you are done.
Now when you visit the Facebook Insights page, you will see your website listed under Websites.

Click on your site name, you will be able to access all sort of insights.


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