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If you own a website or blog the most important thing that you want is to read or visit by the readers or visitors.Since Google is the most popular search engine which helps the readers to locate your page by different topics related to your page for users or readers from  different parts of the world so that makes benefit for you and the readers.
The newly built website or blog sometimes does not appear automatically in Google or in search engines but in fact, you should submit to the search engines to get it indexed.Google is the most popular search engine in the world today, so it’s very important to submit your website or blog to Google search engine.Below is the simple steps how to submit your website or blog to Google.

Fill out the form with your blog data.
URL: Fill out with your blog URL, e.g.
Comments: type the related topics of your website or blog.
Type the squiggly letters shown into the box below


Click Add URL
After you finish above steps, your blog will not automatically be indexed by Google. Sometimes it will take several days to be indexed.
To check whether or not your website or blog has been indexed, you can visit google site and then type as below:
Site:your blog URL



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