How to Speed Up Windows 7 Start Up

This is a very simple step to make faster start up windows 7 or your system without waiting much time.As we know the most common cause of slowdown are programs that automatically run when Windows starts and keep running in the background consuming precious system memory.So we need to stop that programs running at the starting of windows and these will not create any problems in any of your programs all your programs will be running perfectly at any time you need.

1. Type “msconfig” (without quotes) in Windows 7 start menu search box and hit enter.

 2. Click the Startup tab to continue

 3. Untick the Entries which are not needed

Note : this does not uninstall applications from your system, it only disables them from automatically running at startup.
Now restart your system to see the time difference. 



Minley said...

Nice help thanks Rilwan's

Sarah said...

It worked i had much problems in start up thanks for your help.

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