Automatically Update Your Blogger Posts to FaceBook and Twitter

Twitter feed is one of the best and fastest site which updates your blogger posts to Twitter, facebook, Laconica, and Hellotxt.Its totally free and will be free forever and today most of the news and other sites use twitter feed for their feeds this will automatically update your blog posts to you twitter facebook and others.You only need to sign in to twitter feed the rest it will do.Follow the steps below to create you account.
Go to, And click register now. Then fill the form and click Create account.
You’ll need to enter your
- Feed Name
- RSS Feed URL, your default blog url should be the following.
Or you can enter your feedburner url if you are a member of feedburner.
And click Continue to Step 2

In this step you will be able to Authenticate your accounts in Twitter, facebook, Laconica, and Hellotxt with your account,
For example click on Facebook, on the next page, click Connect with facebook, a new window will be opened, enter your facebook e-mail and password and click connect Then click allow access and click create service.
And after you add and Authenticate all your accounts click All Done.
On this step just click Go to dashboard. From your dashboard you can add, edit or remove services from your account.

And now you are done.


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I use RSS Graffiti.

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