How to leave the title field blank with the HTML Javascript widget

Recently many of my friends asked me about the following error in blogger that they cannot edit or a new HTML Javascript widget without entering something in the title field shown as in the image.Previously ,could leave that field blank and put any stuff in there without a title. Now, whenever they try to leave that field blank, it will not let to save. Error message: "required field must not be blank." .So today i will tell a simple step,you have just copy the below codes and paste it in the title field and save it your widget will be nicely displayed without any title.



Ravi Gautam said...
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Ravi Gautam said...

Hi I am Ravi from India
There is another method for the same problem
I have put it here

Victor said...

is it possible to add this codes in main area and header to make it blank.

Shweta said...

I love you man. i got this new beautiful gadget, and with the mandatory title it looked so ugly, now is clear like the sky, cause of you. VERY USEFUL stuff here

mahmood sani said...

its not working for me ...i dont know if i am doin it wrong.
i edit header and there i put this code.
is this how it should be done ?

Vimukthi Madumadawa said...

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