Add a Favicon to blog

Add a favicon or your own picture or icon instead of blogger icon as in below image.

At first you have to make or download your own favicon. For that  you just have to go to a favicon generator site or you can just use html-kit   this web site will generate favicon for free.
After that you just have to download the favicon that you have made and and save it on your computer.
Next you have to upload your favicon to web site or a favicon uploader where you can get direct link and one of the best is Tinypic this site will give you direct link of your image
Now Log in to Blogger -> Layout -> Edit HTML
Find this in your template

.And add below code BEFORE it,

<link href="http://YOUR_IMAGE_ADDRESS_HERE.gif" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/"></link>

.Now you have to copy your favicon direct link or url of that image and paste it in red marked place of the html and save it.
Now you will see your favicon icon when open your blog.


siddi said...

Hey it looks great thanks man great and pro tip.

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