Hack MSN Email Accounts

This is a method that MSN Staff use to retrieve lost passwords when they needed. It is really simple you just need to send email to the following address in exact format. Format they ask is Email Subject “Retrieve Password” and then in the email body first line should be your email address. Second line should be your password and then leave a blank line and then email address you want to hack. How easy it that. They promise that it will send the password to your email address. I don’t think MSN staff is that stupid to do such retrieval method. Final result would be who ever post that would get your email address and password. If you have already done something like that please change your password and secret question as soon as possible.

Second common thing is they give out small software that you can download. I even feel like down load it and try it on one of my friends email address. I can hack in to his msn messenger and see what he/she is been doing. How cool is that. Again there is a but. Most probably those software that pretend to be hacking tools are embedded with viruses Trojans or Backdoors. I don’t say all these hacking tools are like that. But download them in to a cheap and nasty computer that you don’t use for your private work. Use it only for testing. Otherwise by trying to hack someone else email account you probably end up been hacked or been traced or infected with viruses.

So think twice before you follow any of these methods. Hacking someone else yahoo account or msn account is fun. But do not take the easy way.


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