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Truecaller is the world’s largest verified mobile phone community. Truecaller makes your mobile environment smarter by allowing you to connect with who you want, when you want. The app enables you to expand your contact list and reach people you want to find; helps you more easily identify who is calling you; and protects your mobile identity from unwanted TELEMARKETERS.
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Premium Account Features
 Premium Account Features
• See who’s viewed your PROFILE
• No advertisements
• 30 contact requests per month to Truecaller members outside of your personal network
Get Started: 
- Click to Download Truecaller
- Open Truecaller app on your android devise.
- Now under the search type
Open Trucaller App in your Android Device.
Open Trucaller App in your Android Device.
After typing the above code click now your code will be accepted and your account will be   upgraded to premium account.

So now you can enjoy premium version of truecaller for free without any interruptions, enjoy using app without any advertisements, search for the one who searched for you and you can even contacts directly, so have fun and do share this post. - See more at:

Premium Account Features
Premium Account Features

Upload Full Size Photos to Instagram Without Cropping It

Instagram is one of the most popular photo applications in the world. But, many users insist that the automatic cropping of pictures ruins their images and adds to frustration.Today we are going to talk about such apps that helps us to upload full size photo to instagram.
There are many such apps for Android in Google Play.Apps like Square InstaPic - No crop  and  Crop n' Square #Square and many more will be available in play Store.
Here i just want show you how to use the first application which i have been using till today and it has been one of the best app for me to upload photos to instagram.

Square InstaPic - No crop
As you can see, this app is very simple and clean. It even gives you some basic direction on how to upload and manipulate your image to best display it within a square space. The reason for this app is to be able to show an image in Instagram without cropping down to a square. Sometimes an image just doesn’t work as a square, you may need an entire horizontal or vertical shot.
The steps you take in Square InstaPic - No crop are:
 Upload a photo and adjust the border to the full image size so it can cover the full image.
Once you finish proceed to next step where you will find your full size image is ready and you need to click the instagram icon at the the bottom of your screen.This will redirect your full size photo to instagram.
Now you can throw a sexy filter on it and upload it as you would any other picture. Only difference is, your beautifully majestic picture is now fully in view.

Add an Instagram Photo Gallery Widget in Blogger

If you are looking to add an interactive instagram photo gallery widget to your blogger site, then this is the one of the best one available because instagram doesn’t have any official widget that could help us in this cause.. Today in this article, we will show you, how to add instagram photo gallery widget in blogger with SnapWidget.
SnapWidget is a customizable widget that can be made directly on the SnapWidget site. As the administrator of your site or blog, simply fill in the required information, such as your Instagram username or hashtag, and the type of widget you want to display. 
The great thing is, you can not only choose a layout that fits with the look and style of your current site or blog theme, but you can customize the size, the border, and the background color. Whether you decide to let your pictures and videos scroll by, lay them out in a grid, or showcase them slider style, you only have to do it once. After you have customized your widget, you simply copy and paste the unique code it will generate for you. 
You can decide where on your site you want your Instagram visuals displayed, in a specific blog post, on just your ‘about me’ page, or throughout your site in the footer. Whatever you desire, once you paste and save the code, you’re done; SnapWidget will automatically update your Instagram every 30 minutes, so there’s no need to go through the widget customization every time you post.

How to fix This item isn’t available in your country on Play Store

Many Apps through the Google Play Store are restricted to specific countries only. Usually it is the US only Android apps that are highly demanded but can’t be downloaded from Android users of other countries.Store may have over half-a-million apps and games but when its comes to be an outsider (for U.S, I mean), then you may very well have been seeing this message pop up on your screen a number of times while using Play Store.
Rooting has become a common way to access these apps however certain people would like another way if possible.
So today i am going to tell a very simple method which i use to over come this using A virtual private network (VPN) app.Thre are many vpn apps in play store but i used an app named
Vpn One Click.
1.You can download this app in Google Play Store.
Once the installation finishes open the app and Turn on VPN ONE CLICK of the country you want the app to be in on your device. For example, if you want VIBER, turn on US.

2.  Go to Settings in Android
3.  Tap on Apps
4.  Tap on Google Play Store
5.  Tap Force Stop, Clear data, and Clear cache one by one.
6.  Open Google Play Store again.
7. Select the US or UK account that you have created and added to your Android Device.
8. Now you will see Apps from a different country.

This will do it for you. Do let me know if you face any issues and if it has worked for you, please consider sharing this article.

How to Run your favorite Android Apps on PC Using Bluestacks

If you're trying to run Android applications on your Windows PC the easiest way is you to get Bluestack App Player.The software gives you access to Android apps on the Android Market, GetJar, the Amazon AppStore or 1Mobile Market, and allows you to run them on your desktop.
An innovative "Cloud Connect" feature allows you to push apps from your Android device to Bluestacks, and vice versa. First released to the public in 2011, the program has continued to grow, and is currently free for download in its current beta form. Want to get a taste of Android on your desktop? Here's how to set up BlueStacks, as well as a rundown of some of its controls and interesting features.
To download the App Player beta grab it from the BlueStacks site by clicking on the "Download Now" button on the landing page and run the .EXE file.The program takes a few minutes to install as it grabs most of the app's required files and other information from online. 
The apps themselves launch in a full-screen virtualized version of the Android operating system, so they run smoothly. The only obstacle I encountered is that since the apps are designed for a touch screen device, running them on a desktop computer with keyboard and mouse was less than ideal. Using a laptop with a multitouch pad was definitely an improvement. Overall, the integration with Windows via a simple desktop gadget proved to be clean and seamless.

You can click on an option to add more apps, which requires you to log into the BlueStacks App Channels using a Facebook account. From the Channels page you can download apps that connect you to the Web sites of dozens of newspapers and news outlets, as well as a host of games, including Checkers, MineSweeper, Sudoku, and Memory Trainer.
To send apps from your phone to your PC, you'll first need to download the BlueStacks Cloud Connect App on from Google's Android Market and install it on your mobile device. Entering a unique pin number in the app then sets up the connection with your PC, allowing you to push over apps from your device.
For now the App Player supports only Windows PCs. The company is working on a Mac version but concedes that it may be a while before one is available. BlueStacks is also busy cooking up a premium version of the App Player, which as yet has no price tag, but would support such apps as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, and let you add an unlimited number of apps.